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How NOT to set up your autoresponder email

Posted by Mira El Kott Helander on 6 September 2016 | 0 Comments

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Spring is finally here and we’re sure many of you just can’t wait to hit the road with a splendid holiday in sight! But before you let go of all responsibilities and head off, it’s always a good idea to set up an autoresponder for your email account. This way you avoid getting back to an inbox flooded with important emails that should have been dealt with days ago.

An autoresponder is, as the name suggests, a response that is automatically sent out to anyone who tries to contact you via email while you’re away. Your responder email should be short and concise and include:

  • A “Thank You” for the email
  • How long you will be MIA for
  • Who to contact in your absence for urgent enquiries

We here at MOM have seen our fair share of autoresponders, some better than others, but never have we come across anything like what Kath received the other day!

It is fair to assume that the following autoresponder was in fact not created by the owner of the account. Nevertheless, this is how NOT to set up your responder email for yourself, or for anyone else:

Hello Kath,

This email address is no longer read,
as XXXX is a cheating skanky whore.

please refrain from sending to this email in future.

Despite being quite informative about XXXX's endeavours, we feel that this particular autoresponder lacks professionalism and discretion. We admire the author for his/hers creativity but do hope that XXXX isn’t missing out on any important emails…