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How NOT to set up your autoresponder email

Spring is finally here and we’re sure many of you just can’t wait to hit the road with a splendid holiday in sight! But before you let go of all responsibilities and head off, it’s always a good idea to set up an autoresponder for your email account.

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Why Instagram is good for business

Instagram for business, especially for those in the tourism, retail and hospitality sectors, is booming.  Read below on why it is so, and how you can be part of this social media platform.

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The internet is under attack!

We have never professed to be IT specialists but we tend to communicate with a lot of them in the course of our day to day activities. From onsite hardware technicians to reservation and online systems support staff, website developers and email hosts we are often called upon by parks...

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Make every phone call count

We attended a conference way back in 2007 and were shocked when the key note speaker informed us that every phone call and email that your business receives has cost an estimated $20 in marketing, advertising and infrastructure! When we started tracking the number of enquiries received to the number of bookings made each day we were staggered by...

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