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Who's Who in the Zoo?

Posted by Mira El Kott Helander on 6 April 2017 | 0 Comments

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Understanding and accepting differences in personality types and patterns of behaviour can be a crucial aspect of your business when engaging with your clients and customers.  It is also fundamental in maintaining a healthy and productive work space environment.

The MOM Team were recently lucky enough to be part of a group workshop with AusIDentities to discover the similarities and differences within our team.

AusIDentities offers an approach to personality profiling that delivers insight into why people approach tasks differently, explains different motivations that drive behaviour, and suggests strategies for improved communication skills and performance. The approach links people’s behavioural traits to the characteristics of four native Australian animals;

As it turns out, most of our team consists of wombats, which means we are organised, task-driven, and reliant on facts. Luckily, we are also good team players! Kath as an eagle is a natural leader that sees the broader picture and loves exploring new ideas and concepts.

What personality type are you?

If you want to know more about your personality type and how it affects you at work, and in everyday life, you can visit the AusIDentities website or download their awesome mobile and tablet application from the App Store or Google Play.