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Why Instagram is good for business

Posted by Melinda Haeusler on 8 October 2015 | 0 Comments

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Instagram for business, especially for those in the tourism, retail and hospitality sectors, is booming.  Read below on why it is so, and how you can be part of this social media platform.

Instagram can be described as a visual medium, a collection of beautiful photographs, and an environment where creativity abounds.  Instagram is a free app that allows a user to upload a picture they’ve taken on their smart phone, choose a filter to enhance it, then show it to the world.

Instagram was made to be used on a smart phone or tablet and it can be a challenge to manage externally, however, MOM have found a way around this and we are effectively using it for our clients’ businesses.

Social media is now our past, present and future, and needs to be monitored, changed and adapted to.   Nearly 14 million Australians – that’s 57% of the total population - have an active social media account, 27% are using a social media app and two hours per day are spent on social media.  It’s here to stay and Instagram is yet another way to share, engage and interact with current and potential customers.

Instagram has a significant skew towards younger women, who are your future potential guests, and they typically upload 10 images a month usually after 8pm during the week and after 5pm on the weekend.  They are passionate about imagery and want to see, learn and discover.

For businesses, Instagram can be lucrative as long as the content is authentic, compelling, and not misleading to the consumer.  Instagram is about being personal rather than business driven.  Instagram can allow you to let your hair down a little and is perfect for showing fun stuff.   Images such as a behind-the-scenes shot, or a birthday cake for a team member, will speak volumes!

These are just a few tips on how to leverage Instagram for your business and we know running a business is hard work with sweat and tears sometimes.  If you’re interested in finding out how Massey Online Management can do this seamlessly for you, contact us today.

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