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How to determine what's true or false

Did you know that if you’re ever forced to withdraw money from an ATM, you can notify the police by entering your PIN in reverse?  The machine will still dispense the cash but unknown to the robber the police will be immediately dispatched to help you.  Great news!  Hang on,...

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Don't get stuck doing the same thing the same way!

There comes a time in business when you need to sit back and look objectively at how you can improve your systems and how you do day-to-day tasks.  It's very easy to get stuck in a trap doing the same thing, the same way because you're so busy working 'in'...

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Work smarter not harder

Over the years we've made it our mission to work smarter not harder by finding new platforms to use that would make our working day (and sometimes nights) more streamlined, and let's face it - easier.One of the systems we're using, and loving, is Asana.  Never heard of it?  Read on.

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The new Facebook Business Page design is here!

Today’s the day Facebook officially rolls out their new Business Page design.   The new design is very similar to a personal Facebook Profile and is aimed at making it easier to find information and help Page admins find the tools used most.  Here are the key features of the update:

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What you need to know about Heartbleed

If you are yet to hear the term "Heartbleed" then you will very soon. This "encryption flaw" has affected websites and networks worldwide and there has been a massive response the last few days by many of the mega-sites you would be familiar with such as Google, online banking and...

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Social media is vital to your website ranking

When we first started incorporating social media into our online strategy we had to be honest with our clients. We had no idea if Facebook, Trip Advisor, Twitter etc was going to convert bookings or add value to the park brand but we were seeing it used more and more...

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Don't risk your Facebook page

Although we know and remind our clients that they do not "own" their Facebook pages, there is a significant enough investment in branding and cutomer engagement that they can be considered assets of the business. No matter if you love or hate it yourself we have proven time and time again that a...

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The internet is under attack!

We have never professed to be IT specialists but we tend to communicate with a lot of them in the course of our day to day activities. From onsite hardware technicians to reservation and online systems support staff, website developers and email hosts we are often called upon by parks...

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Make every phone call count

We attended a conference way back in 2007 and were shocked when the key note speaker informed us that every phone call and email that your business receives has cost an estimated $20 in marketing, advertising and infrastructure! When we started tracking the number of enquiries received to the number of bookings made each day we were staggered by...

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