We are specialists in online marketing with hands on tourism and park management experience

Sue grew up in the first BIG4 park in QLD and is a past BIG4 state manager. Kath has managed three holiday parks in two states and and Renee worked in hotels and parks for over 15 years. Melinda has held senior marketing roles in tourism attractions, Marion worked on cruise lines for a decade, and Mira won the faculty award for marketing at USC. We know tourism and we know parks so we walk the walk and talk the talk.

We love the industry

We are members of the CRVA and Caravanning QLD and attend state and national conferences to support and remain up to date with industry trends and challenges.

You can't give us other jobs that will distract us from our core business

Did we mention that we have worked in parks? We know if there is a big arrival day it's all hands on deck and who cares if Facebook is updated or Trip Advisor is checked. In a busy park (is there any other type?) days can turn into months between Facebook posts and we won't let your online presence slip.

We won't give you two weeks notice

Just when you have everything running smoothly someone resigns or takes leave. If your managers or staff member walk out or take long service the one thing you won't have to worry about is who is taking care of your online presence.

We keep up with what's happening... as much as anyone can

When you work with this stuff all day everyday like we do it is still a challenge to keep up with change. You might want to do it all yourself, but can you do it well and is that the best use of your time?

While we look after your online reputation - you can work on building it

Delivering the best possible holiday experience is the most effective way of building your business. Leave battles with Google and deciphering Instagram to us and get on with looking after your park and guests.

We have skills and they're multiplying

There is no such thing as an easy application, even the most user friendly content management systems or sites take time to learn and manage effectively. We are competent with Silver Stripe, Wordpress, Drupal, Vision6, RMS, Netroomz, Booking.com , Expedia, Air BnB and multiple other online travel agents and booking engines, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google SEO & SEM, Instagram and most social media platforms and apps.

We don't know everything

No-one does but what we don't know about website development Adam from Stead Lane does. What we don't know about Facebook our social media support group usually does. Sue is constantly going into battle in online travel agent land and Kath is continually reserching, reviewing and testing the best revenue drivers and brand management tools . Whether it's us or our trusted suppliers we have a network that helps us to support you.

We get results

A competition that receives over 1500 entries, an email send that results in $20K in revenue, and a special offer on Facebook that generates 67 reservations in three days are just some of the shining results our parks have seen. Like shampoo, it does not happen overnight, but on a day-to-day basis we are working to increase your web traffic and top of mind awareness, grow your social media following, build an effective marketing database and protect your online reputation.

We're cost effective

Yes, we really are! Social media, online marketing and reputation managers are part of a growth industry and can demand (and get) executive salaries. There are a gazillion online marketing agencies but we make sure we know your business. We offer the skills and benefits at a fraction of the cost and you do not have to pay us superannuation or holiday pay. Oh, and refer back to "we won't give you two weeks notice".

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